The Rooms

Neon Breach (Medium Difficulty)


You have been captured by the Mind Control Police. Escape their facility before your mind is reprogrammed! Minor physical activity required.

Mad Scientist (Medium Difficulty)


A crazed scientist is working on a mysterious project. Break into his lab and discover his secret . Hurry before he returns!

Prison Break (Highest Difficulty)


You have been thrown in prison for a crime you did not commit. Escape your prison cell and make your way outside to freedom!

Jacked Poster.jpg
Jacked! (Easiest Difficulty)


You were double-crossed of your share of the loot. Recover it and escape.

Space Station Tiberia - VR 
(Medium Difficulty) 


Save the planet by reactivating the space station and using its super weapon to save yourselves and humanity! Contact us to book unscheduled times.